My name is Joseph McDonald.  I am not a critic.  I am not a game developer.  I am not even a writer.

I am someone who plays a lot of video games.  A lot of them.  When I’m not playing them, I’m usually talking about them, and when I have no one to talk about them with (which is not often, but more often than I would like), I go online to find out what others have to say about them.

Usually what people have to say about video games on the internet boils down to whether or not they should buy a certain game.  Are the graphics good? Are the controls to my liking? Is this too much like something I’ve played before?

Basically, consumer reporting.  And that’s fine.  Sometimes it’s good to have information before you buy.  But that’s not what interests me.

I want to read differing opinions about what a game means.  How does it make you feel?  How does it inspire you?  How is the person who beat that game, different from the person who first picked up that controller?

A great man once argued that video games can not be considered art.  I am not entirely sure he was wrong, but I want someone to try to prove that he was.  And since there’s not a lot of voices out there trying, I figured I might as well give it a shot.  And when I mentioned this to my friends, they said they wanted in.

So, McDonald and Blank.

McDonald is me, but McDonald and Blank is not me. McDonald and Blank is us.  People you know, people you don’t know.  People you don’t know yet.  And maybe even you, yourself.

Every week, or as close to it as I can manage, we will have a different voice discussing different games in different ways.  Some of them I’ll agree with, but I sure hope I don’t agree with all of them.  And some weeks you might agree with me, but I sure hope you don’t always agree with me.  And if you don’t agree with me, write in, tell me why.

Fill in the blank.

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